"Preserving and celebrating the nuances of our culture is the revolution." -Scarlett Baily.

Scarlett Baily (El Paso TX, 1986) is a San Diego based Chicana visual artist specializing in murals, portraits, and illustration. 

Working on a large scale and often in public, Baily rescues the stories that political systems and popular media outlets exclude. Her work celebrates cultural nuances with an intent to preserve diversity and resist the homogeneity that globalization proposes. She believes her illustrated wonderlands and participatory art events can spark empathy and bridge communities. 

Baily solidified her interests by earning a B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture from the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her studies, Baily worked as a junior curator at the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design from 2003-2007. Baily's further studies include Avant-Garde Art History at the Universitat de Barcelona, Fine Arts at the Art Students League in New York City, and a fine arts and muralism apprenticeship with celebrated Mexican Artist Manuel Guillén.


Baily's lure to reclaiming the street as an exhibition space began during her time in New York City. Baily developed her public portrait performances within installations of her large-format drawings in alternative spaces. Since then, Baily has exhibited in Mi Vida Logan (SD,CA), You Belong Here (SD,CS) Salon Acme (CDMX), Bushwick Open Studios (NYC), Manhattan Art Summer Thursdays (NYC), New York Fashion Week (NYC), Barrio Vivo Graffiti Festival (CDMX), Central de Muros Mural Project (CDMX), MexiLog Fest (Zihuatanejo, Mexico), Art Week (CDMX), Gallery Weekend (CDMX), and the Viceroy Los Cabos Art Series (Mexico/Virtual). 

Baily expanded her studio to Mexico City in 2014 to bridge her Mexican-American roots. Producing between the two countries allows Baily to hone in on her visual dialogue with themes of identity, multiculturalism, and belonging. Baily has given workshops and conferences in various cultural and academic venues such as The Toy Museum (CDMX), Miami Ad School (CDMX), Cine Tonalá (CDMX), Loot Gallery (Zihuatanejo, México), Universidad Anáhuac (Puebla, México), Center for the Industry of Graphic Communication (Bogotá, Colombia), STEAM Academy at La Presa Elementary School (San Diego, CA), and Emory University (Atlanta, GA), among others. Media such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Architectural Digest, Huffington Post, Vice, and El Financiero. 

Baily's art forms part of collections worldwide, from Madison Avenue, New York City, to the outdoor walls of the largest market in the world Central de Abastos in Mexico City. In 2019 she founded @MujeresMuralistas, a visual archive of woman muralists in Mexico, and belongs to the Mexican Society of Caricature Artists. Baily is currently director of Galería La Óptica - an alternative space exhibiting women artists.


Academic Experience 


Kumeeyaay Studies

Kumeyaay Community College


Nawatl / Mesoamerican Mythology / Medicina Nawatl

Escuela Nacional de Lenguas, Lingüística y Traducción, CDMX


Ilustre- Art History Focus Course in Baroque Art, Virtual

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México- Course in Feminisms and Publicity

MOMA NYC- Certificate in Modern Art and Ideas, Virtual

2003- 2007

University of California, Santa Barbara, USA- B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture with an emphasis in Post-War American Art

2005- 2006

Universitat de Barcelona, Spain- Academic exchange,  History of Art and the European Avant-Garde

2012- 2014

The Art Student’s League of New York, USA- Fine Arts with an emphasis in oil painting

Grant Awards


"Lessons from a Pyramid Ant," Mural created with Art Pratt Foundation Award at Foster Elementary School, San Diego, CA

"Home," 2,536 ft 2 Mural creates with Arts in Public Places NTC Grant at Liberty Station, San Diego, CA

Relevant Artistic Experience


Assistant Art Curator and Exhibition Designer, Novartis Pharmaceutical, international

2018- Current

Director of Galería La Óptica, Mexico City, MX

2014- Current

Director of Drink and Draw- Figure drawing sessions in alternative spaces for the public, Mexico City, MX

2018- 2020

Fine Arts Apprenticeship under muralist Manuel Guillén, Mexico City, MX


Art Direction and Window Displays for  Donna Karan, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, New York, NY, USA


Director of Cultural Events and Client Experience, Ports 1961, New York, NY, USA


Junior Curator, Museum of Art, Architecture, and Design,  University of California, Santa Bárbara, California, USA 

Relevant Works


“Eclipse de Yenacamu,”Lobby Mural at Me Cabo Hotel, Cabo San Lucas MX


“People and Protest” and “Mujeres Muralistas” official mask design for the National Museum of Women in the Arts


“Tina Modotti,” 145 ft² mural, Barrio Vivo Mural Festival, Optica Llum, Mexico City, MX

“Mujeres Muralistas,” 50 Portraits of women muralists, Mexico City, MX


“Chido,” 150 ft² mural, Coach Mural Project, Jardín Pushkin Park,  Mexico City, MX

“Vértigo,” Portrait Performance, Monumento a la Revolución,  Mexico City, MX

“María Félix: Nos vemos en el Papagayo,” 551 ft² mural, Barrio Vivo Mural Festival, Antique Toy Museum, Mexico City, MX

“Chams the Magician,” 378 ft² Mural, Re-Urbano Architects, Reloj Chino,  Mexico City, MX

“Migrant Caravan Portraits,” Migrant Caravan Shelter at the Ciudad Deportiva, Mexico City, MX


“Naked Everyday,” Large format illustrated installations, Marfa, TX; New York, NY;  Boston, Massachusetts; Montreal, Canada; Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain

“Los Diableros,” 2,366 ft² mural, Central de Muros, Central de Abastos,  Mexico City, MX

“Tequila!” Intervention of Tim Burton’s Stainboy on Reforma, Tim Burton Exhibition, Museo Franz Mayer,  Mexico City, MX


“Naked Everyday,” Portraits of 30 real life women in the nude,  Mexico City, MX


“Seven Sins,” Illustrated Street Art Installation, San Telmo and Palerrmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Nighttime at the Museum,” 117 ft² mural, Antique Toy Museum, Mexico City, MX

“DF in Color,” 30 oil painted portraits of real life models, Mexico City, MX

“Queen of México,” Illustrated street art installation, Antique Toy Museum,  Mexico City, MX


“Poster Kids,”30 Large format portraits, NYC, USA


“Giant Face a Day,” 30 painted portraits of real life models ,  35x47” acrylic on paper, New York, NY, USA 

Individual Exhibitions


“ Memories,”  Galería La Óptica, Mexico City and virtual


“Desnuda Diario,” Galería Loot, Zihuatanejo, MX 


“DF en Color,” Galería Valentina, Mexico City, MX

“7 Pecados,” 180, Mexico City, MX 


“Poster Kids,” Bushwick Open Studios, Gallery Tutu’s, Brooklyn, New York, NY USA

“The Hierarchy, ”Salón Acme, Rich Lane, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA


“Giant Face a Day,” New York City Summer Art Thursdays, DKNY Madison Avenue and Pulqueria Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Group Exhibitions


"(What Is) Belonging," You Belong Here, San Diego, CA USA

"Guerrera," Mi Vida Logan, San Diego, CA, USA


“Diosas,” Galería La Óptica, Mexico City, MX 

“El Arte Urbano como Mecanismo de Cohesión Social en dos municipios de Puebla y dos de la Ciudad de México” mUSEO UPAEP Puebla, Mexico. Curated by Josefina Franzoni Lobo


“Mujeres Muralistas,” Galería La Óptica, Mexico City, MX

“Borderline,” Galería La Óptica, Mexico City, MX 


“Más Por Favor, Galería La Óptica, Mexico City, MX 

“Morphemia,” Ayuntamiento 48, Mexico City, MX

“Indoor Project,” Ovalo Galería de Arte, Mexico City, MX

“Fase: Diseño y Moda,” Squash 73 Mexico City, MX

“El Proceso,” Galería La Óptica Mexico City, MX

“1er Muestra Anual de Gráfica Digital,” Sophart Mexico City, MX

“Tacubaby,” Manuel Dublan, Re-Urbano Architects Mexico City, MX


“Indoor Project,”Mooi Collective, Mexico City, MX

“Rooftop,” Mexico City, MX 

“Surf Film Fest,” Huerta Roma Mexico City, MX


“Art Fair MX,” Mexico City, MX

“Abruptum,” Casa de Arte, Mexico City, MX

“Terminal 1,” Mexico City, MX

Salón Acme, Mexico City, MX

“Casa Paraíso,” Guadalajara, MX 


“Small Small World,” Family Business, curator: Hennessey Youngman,  New York, NY, USA

“Natural Disasters,”  Ports 1961 Gallery,  New York, NY, USA

2005, 2007

“Art Wars,” Santa Bárbara, CA, USA

Workshops, Conferences and Docent Activities


"TNDY 408V: Campaigning and Community Organizing for Change," Claremont Graduate University

"Drink and Draw," Public Figure Drawing Session, San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, SD, CA, USA


“Self Portrait Workshop,” Virtual Class for the #StayHome Movement / Mexico City, MX

“Creating in Public,” Guest Speaker, High Tech Elementary, Chula Vista, CA, USA

Pet Portrait Class, PetCo, San Diego


“Mujeres Muralistas,” Guest Speaker, Emory University, Women’s Studies, Atlanta, GA, USA

“Women in Muralism” Guest Speaker, Festival CIMU, Facultad de Artes y Diseño, UNAM, Mexico City, MX

“Networking Projects,” Guest Speaker, Acacia Cosecha II, El Rule, Mexico City, MX

“Mathematics in Art,” Collective Mural Workshop, Steam Academy at La Presa Elementary, San Diego, USA

“Women in Public Art,”Guest Speaker, Carlos Septién García Journalism School, Mexico City, MX


Ingenuity Conference, Guest Speaker , Anáhuac University, Puebla, MX

Portrait Workshop,  Hacienda San Andrés, Estado de México, MX

Product Development Workshop, CENIGRAF, Bogotá, Colombia 

Art in the Public Space, Guest Speaker, The University of Banking and Commerce (EBC),  Querétaro, MX


“Tools Workshop,”Miami Ad School Mexico City, MX


“Self Portraits,”  Youth Meal Center, Ecatepec, Estado de México, MX

Corporate Collection


“Mujeres Mágicas,” Mural, Folklorika Corporate Offices, MX


“El Paraíso de Toci,” Mural, Novartis Corporate Office, Mexico City, MX


“Homage to México: A Bi-Cultural Celebration,” 615 ft² mural series, Culture One World, Center for American Progress, Washington, D.C., USA

“México es chingón,” 1,200 ft² mural series, Grupo Modelo Corporate Offices, Mexico City, MX

Mural Festivals

“Barrio Vivo” Mural Festival, Museo del Juguete, Mexico City, MX 2019, 2018

“Surf Film Fest,” Huerta Roma, Mexico City, MX 2018, 2017

“Central de Muros,” Central De Abastos, Mexico City, MX, 2017

Coach Global Mural Project, Mexico City, MX 2017



Culture One World, Washington, D.C., USA


Dance Works,  El Paso, TX, USA


El Ganzo, Los Cabos, MX

Mexi Log Fest,  Playa Saladita, MX


Galería LOOT,  Zihuatanejo, MX 


Salón Acme, Mexico City, MX